Tractr Basic Skinny Jeans


$ 44.99

Tractr is a dynamic, New York based apparel company specializing in denim. Their premium jeans brand is known for its unique styles and great fit on all body types. Launched in 1998 by entrepreneurs Howard Mensch and Diane Kuczer, our juniors and girls’ fashion jeans company were an instant hit. Our chic styles quickly became staples in luxury department stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Von Mauer and Neiman Marcus.


From Hollywood’s A-list celebrities to your favorite magazines, everyone is talking about Tractr’s truly unique pieces. With the multiple style and color options, girls of all ages will look and feel their best when wearing our brand. Tractr is taking the fashion world by storm. Your favorite housewives, Disney Channel stars, Pretty Little Liars cast members and bloggers have all fallen in love with Tractr’s dynamic denim styles.

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