Crazy Aaron’s Slime Charmers

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

$ 12.99

Fascinate your fingertips with a tactile take on everyone's favorite non-Newtonian fluid! Crazy Aaron’s Slime Charmers shatter the slime status quo with themed charms that masterfully mix into the mystifying matter.

Experience the unique texture of crunching the charms in the soft slime, or become a sludge spelunker and enjoy plucking the plastic from the goo. Whether you find yourself fishing for bugs and grubs or satisfying your visual sweet tooth with frozen treats, you'll love the creative charms in all six styles of ooze.

In addition to classic "water" slime, Slime Charmers features alternative textures that give you a whole way to enjoy the glistening goo. Buttery Slime is slick but firm, making it perfect for ripping and squishing, while Fluffy Slime is a unique, sculptable, and malleable material that comes apart in soft, sticky strings.

Like all of Crazy Aaron's products, these scoops of goop maximize both quirk and quality. Enjoy fresh scents like bubblegum and grape soda; and since they boast a 1-year shelf life (when sealed in their container between uses), you can stretch, squish, and roll your slippery slime again and again.

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